“Our customers come first! If you have a problem, we're here to solve it.”

Big or small, every issue you face is critical to us, and we strive to make your experience totally hassle-free. So we've listed out a few typical problem-solution situations that customers might face, maybe we've answered your question already?

Does your query belong to one of the following?

You haven't received refund amount
Your recharge has failed but you haven't received the refund amount.

Fret not! Your money is safe in FreeCharge Credits and it can be used anytime for future recharging. Know more here.Check your Credits, here.

You haven't received your coupons
You haven't received your coupons yet.

If you've opted for e-coupons, refresh your inbox right now, you'll probably find your swag there. If it's physical coupons you've asked for, delivery takes up to 7 working days. And if you still haven't got it, we've mailed the courier details, just track your consignment, will you?

Money deducted but you haven't been recharged
Your money has been deducted from your bank account, but you haven't been recharged.

Hmm, chances are your recharge is happening as you read this. If for some reason, the recharge is not successful, don't worry, the money deducted from your account will be safe in your FreeCharge Credits. and you can use it anytime for future recharging. We'll also send you a mail/SMS to keep you posted on the status!

Got more questions? Chances are you'll find the answers in our FAQs section. Check here.

If your problem is still unresolved, fill in the form shown alongside so we can help you out right away.

But if you are the e-mailing types, you can always drop a line at care@freecharge.com and we'll get back to you soon.

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