• Please make sure you are in the latest version of Android app to be able to withdraw your general balance to a bank account.
  • Any unused credits to wallet as general balance (add cash, P2P, reversal/refund to wallet) can be withdrawn to bank account with the corresponding fee applicable as given below:

2 days

3 to 45 days

45 days and above


Not allowed



Fee applicable




  • All type of credits to wallet would be available for withdrawal only after 2 days of loading/credit to wallet.
  • While withdrawing above credits to wallet after anywhere between 2 to 45 days of credit/load, withdraw fee of 3% is applicable on the intended withdraw amount.
  • Whereas these credits can be withdrawn without any fee after 45 days from credit date.
  • Cashback can never be withdrawn.
  • Debits to wallet general balance during the transaction would happen in First In First Out basis.