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What factors affect my Credit Score?

The 5 major factors that affect your credit score are:

Credit Utilization: It measures utilization of your available credit card usage. Total available spending limit across all your credit cards is considered. Strive to maintain healthy credit utilization. High utilization has an adverse impact on the score.

Payment History: It shows the % of credit card and loan repayments made on time in the past 36 months. Timely payments help in building your credit score.

Age of Credit Accounts: It shows the average age of all your credit accounts. It considers when you opened your first credit card or loan account. Good credit performance over a longer time helps to build your credit score.

Credit Mix: It measures how well you manage all your credit accounts: personal loans, educational loans, home mortgages, credit cards, and others. An optimal mix of secured and unsecured credit products has a tonic effect on your score.

Number of Credit Inquiries: It counts recent inquiries made by financial institutions on your Credit profile. This is when you attempt to open new credit accounts. Too many new accounts or requests in a short period of time temporarily lowers your credit score.

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