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Transfer to Bank Account through Freecharge care team - Time taken 21 working days

If you choose not to continue to enjoy the benefits of Freecharge Balance/Services and would like the Freecharge care team to transfer your Freecharge Balance to your own bank account, please follow the below step:1. Write to care@freecharge.com by January 25, 2017 from your registered email ID and notify us regarding your choice of option out.2. Please indicate in the email the Bank Account Holder Name, Bank Account Number and IFSC Code of the bank where you wish to redeem the Freecharge Balance and attach a copy of a cancelled cheque of the same.3. Please ensure that the name of the Freecharge Balance/Services account holder is same as the Bank Account Holder Name. In case required, Freecharge may ask you for a valid proof of identity/address.4. Please note, in case you have any gift vouchers linked to your Freecharge account, please consume the same for any transaction at our merchant partners before writing to us. Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed to a bank account.

Last Updated: May 5, 2021

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