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What are Promo codes or FreeFund codes and how to redeem?

From time to time, we run various offers and distribute Freefund and Promo codes through various mediums like a TV campaign, Facebook post, Youtube channel, Newspaper ad, Print ad. On using these codes on a transaction, you will be able to earn FreeCharge Gift Instruments on your account.

Please follow the below steps to redeem the promo codes:

1. Select your Prepaid Mobile/DTH/Prepaid Data Card/Postpaid. Note: Some promocodes are valid only on Freecharge mobile app. (Refer to the T&C)
2. Enter mobile number and respective amount. Your Operator will be selected automatically. Please confirm if these are correct. If not, you can change this from the drop-down menu shown below the number.
3. Choose your free coupons of equivalent amount on the next page. This step is Optional.
4. Enter your registered email id & password (if registered) or just follow the simple New user registration process - which takes less than 60 seconds.
5. Select "I have a freefund/promocode", enter the code & click on "Redeem Now". You will be shown a message whether the code is applied successfully or not.
6. Pay the transaction amount online via Debit Card/Credit Card to complete the transaction instantly.

Please follow the below steps to redeem the freefund codes:

1. Download the FreeCharge App on your smartphone; Android, Windows and iOS.
2. Login to your account and if you are new to FreeCharge, register with your email id or login with your Facebook or Google+ account.
3. Go to the "Add/Withdraw" section from the top-right corner of App or click "Add Money" section from the top-right corner on desktop/laptop and select "Freefund" or "I have freefund code".
4. Enter the code sent by us and click Apply/Redeem Now. The amount will be added to your FreeCharge Balance immediately.
5. The option to pay using FreeCharge Balance for your recharges will be automatically shown to you on the payments page.

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