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Will I not be able to Pay my Bills or Recharge my Phone?

You will be able to Pay your Bills or Recharge your Phone on Freecharge and also be able to pay for services on your favorite Stores, Apps or Websites using all Payment methods except the Wallet. However, as your Wallet is Inactive, you will not be able to use any balance available in Freecharge Wallet until it is reactivated.The process for reactivation will be intimated to you in some time. There will be appropriate notifications on Freecharge App and/or Website or on your email for reactivating your Wallet.

Last Updated: Sep 17, 2020

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Vineet Bhardwaj

Sep 13, 2020

I am not a new customer but during payment upi is unsuccessful and it says that cannot be done for 24 hrs for new customers. I m trying since 2-3 days



Sep 10, 2020

I do not pay my bill


Raushan kumar

Sep 9, 2020

My wallet is not active pls help me



Sep 8, 2020

customer id 101002071229 not show


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