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What are the documents required for Full KYC?

For completing your Full KYC, you would require the following documents:Proof of Identification with Date of BirthAadhaar Card, Driving License, Voters' Identity Card, Passport NREGA card.Proof of AddressAadhaar Card, Driving License, Voters' Identity Card, Passport NREGA cardProof of IncomePAN cardForm 60

Last Updated: Sep 29, 2020

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Sudha N

Sep 15, 2020

Sir kyc add my account


Rajendra Prasad

Sep 11, 2020

Already one account has full KYC but need for this account also Full KYC what is the process of creation full KYC for my 7095094077 I could enter my pan it shows already linked another account please do needful


Dushyant Singh

Sep 10, 2020

Where can I go to get my full kyc?



Sep 10, 2020

Where I want to update my full kyc


Shiwek Jindal

Sep 9, 2020

I have only adhaar card and pan card but it is not available to update my KYC.


Sahil Nagda

Sep 9, 2020

Hi there I am unable to do full kyc please help me


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