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Disclosure regarding distributor commission

Below are the details of commissions (up-front and trail) which FreeCharge Payment Technologies Limited (ARN: 146145 ) /  Accelyst Solutions Private Limited (ARN:116600) receives, as a distributor of mutual funds Fund Type: Liquid, Commission: Up-front Nil Trail 0.05-0.1%Fund Type: Equity, Commission: Up-front 0.5-1.25% Trail 0.5-1.25%  The above disclosure is in compliance with the Revised Code of Conduct for Intermediaries of Mutual Funds issued by AMFI. The Asset Management Company ("AMC”) reserves the right to change /modify/discontinue/ withhold the rates and slabs mentioned at its sole discretion without any prior intimation or notification or in case of Regulatory Changes / Change in Industry practices in respect to payment of Brokerages. The AMC, its employees or Trustees shall not be responsible for any losses incurred by anyone due to change or errors in the brokerage structure. The rate defined in the structure would be applicable for lump sum as well as SIP, STP & CSIP investments. For Systematic Transactions, respective scheme commission structure will be applicable.Total distributor Commission/ Brokerage /Incentive shall be the aggregate of Upfront Commission, Trail Commission and Marketing Support Expenses as expressed in basis points at transaction level. All these shall be inclusive of all statutory levies including service tax/GST. Marketing Support Expenses are any expenses reimbursed to the distributor or incurred for on behalf of the distributor including gift vouchers, debit notes, event sponsorships, per application incentives, overseas & outstation trips (excluding for training programs) and benefits under reward and recognition/loyalty program like Privilege Club. Net Amount after deducting the statutory levies will be paid to the distributor. The service tax/GST will be deducted from the brokerage payout at the time of payment. The brokerage structure mentioned herein is solely payable to AMFI certified & KYD complied distributors. This brokerage structure is applicable only to distributors of Reliance Nippon Asset Management Company Ltd and can be changed/withholding by the AMC as its sole discretion without any prior intimation or notification. The AMC, its employees or Trustees shall not be responsible for any losses incurred by anyone due to change or errors in the brokerage structure. All distributors should abide by the code of conduct and rules/regulations laid down by SEBI & AMFI. For switch-out(s) made from any open-ended Equity or Balanced scheme to any another Open-ended Equity or Balanced Scheme: Exit load as applicable to the respective scheme will be charged and brokerage to be paid as applicable. Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks. Please read offer document / SID carefully before investing. For scheme specific risk factors please refer to the respective offer documents. Please refer OD / SID / KIM / Factsheet / Addendums for updated details.

Last Updated: Feb 8, 2023

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